Strategy Statements

Mission of EXSS:  We discover and promote knowledge of human movement to improve quality of life.

Values of EXSS: ASCEND to new heights

  • Aligned — Mission, Vision, Goals, Objectives, Priorites
  • Service Oriented — Students, Campus, Society
  • Collaborative — How we work
  • Excellence — Research & Teaching
  • Novel — Our approach
  • Driven — Lead the way

Vision for EXSS:  We will transform society by developing leaders and translating scientific knowledge into practical applications.

Goal:  Increase our Public Impact

Objectives & Priorities:

  • Increase our Research Impact:  Increase external funding to allow for more impactful research
  • Enhance Awareness & Engagement of our Stakeholders:  Continuously inform on our faculty and staff of our collective impact and individual contributions.  Ensure that our students and communities understand the impact of EXSS.
  • Maintain Top Level Academic Achievement:  Maintain a high level of academic quality in all academic programs.  Be the role model of our peers for delivering high quality and innovative academic programs.