Objectives and Priorities

Objective: Increase our Research Impact

The EXSS faculty has actively pursued impactful research agendas.  To support these research efforts the EXSS faculty has achieved the following:

  • 60% of tenure-track faculty annually submit external research grant / contract proposals as principal investigator (PI)
  • ~20% of tenure-track faculty annually secure external research funding as PI
  • ~$550,000 is annually awarded in external research funding to EXSS faculty as PI or administered by the EXSS Department (average from 2008 to 2013)

To strengthen our department’s overall research impact we will increase external funding for EXSS research.

Immediate Priorities for Increasing Research Impact:

  1. Increase the number of tenure-track faculty who annually submit for external research funding as PI to 80%
  2. Increase the number of faculty who are externally funded on an annual basis as PI to 40%
  3. Increase annual external research funding awarded to EXSS faculty as PI or administered by the EXSS Department to $800,000
  4. Implement grant writing support / review program
  5. Increase number of faculty with a history of, or potential for, external funding

Objective: Enhance Awareness & Engagement

The EXSS Department evolved from the original Physical Education degree program that focused on developing teachers of motor skill development.  Today, the EXSS Department’s mission is to discover and promote knowledge of human movement to improve quality of life.  We work to achieve our mission across a diverse range of specializations including exercise and sport science, sport administration, exercise physiology, athletic training.

The evolution and diversity of the EXSS Department can lead to a lack of clarity regarding the definition, value and impact of EXSS.  Thus, we must be proactive in the branding and marketing of EXSS for our faculty, students and community members to understand who we are, what we do, and the impact we have on the public.

Immediate Priorities for ensuring that EXSS and outside community members understand our mission, vision and goal:

  1. Develop and promote the EXSS brand and impact story
  2. Monthly website updates to promote EXSS Impact
  3. Regular social media promotion of EXSS Impact
  4. Annual newsletter
  5. Better inform of EXSS faculty / student contributions and impact
  6. Develop informational videos highlighting EXSS faculty, research laboratories and students
  7. Implement an EXSS Impact lecture series

Objective: Maintain Academic Achievement

The undergraduate and graduate students are our department’s most valued illustration of how we impact the public.  Through our academic course offerings, research experiences, internship opportunities, and mentoring we directly translate the scholarship of Exercise and Sport Science to our students and ultimately the public.

Above all else, we must be vigilant in maintaining a high-level of academic quality across each of our academic programs.  We must constantly strive to be trend-setters in developing future leaders in all fields of Exercise and Sport Science.

Immediate Priorities to maintain a high-level of academic quality in all academic programs and be the role model for our peers:

  1. >90% of undergraduate and graduate students agree or strongly agree they received an excellent educational experience based on exit survey data
  2. 100% of undergraduate and graduate students are able to enroll in all required courses to complete their degree requirements on time
  3. Track job placement of undergraduate and graduate students
  4. Track graduate program placement of undergraduate and graduate students
  5. Offer a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise and Sport Science