Strategic Plan

A Strategic Plan to Enhance Our Public Impact

Success occurs when a team works together with teammates playing different roles, but executing the same plan in unison.  The examples of this in team sports are numerous.

The principles for success are the same for the Department of Exercise and Sport Science (EXSS) as we are a team.  Our strategic plan seeks to align us around our mission, vision, values, goal, objectives, and priorities as these serve as the playbook for our team’s success.  While every team member does not play the same role, every role is equally important to the success of our team.

Our strategic plan provides a framework for the EXSS Department through 2016.  We have collectively identified our path for success.

  • Our Mission serves as our reason for being and the primary objective toward which our programs and plans are aimed.
  • Our Vision describes what we strive to achieve in the future.
  • Our Values provide guidance for what we believe in, our guiding principles, and how we interact.
  • Our Goal is a rallying point around which we define our top priorities and work.
  • Our Objectives and Priorities provide context for how we will achieve our goal.

For a quick overview of the EXSS Strategic Plan you may visit the Strategy Statements page.