2015-16 EXSS Student Advisory Council

Make an Impact in EXSS!

The Department of Exercise and Sport Science is initiating the Student Advisory Council. We are now recruiting new members for the Council. We are seeking EXSS students from the different specialization areas (EXSS-General, EXSS-Athletic Training, EXSS-Fitness Professional and EXSS-Sport Administration) to join the Council. Please contact Darin Padua (dpadua@email.unc.edu) by Friday November 13, 2015 if you are interested in serving as an EXSS Student Advisory Council member.


The EXSS Student Advisory Council informs the Department of Exercise and Sport Science and the university administrators of the needs of EXSS students, articulates problems and issues currently facing EXSS students, and advises the Department on areas of programming currently being offered. The EXSS Student Advisory Council will also provide an opportunity for collaboration between faculty and students and serve as a means to create a more unified department community.

Members of the EXSS Student Advisory Council

Faculty Representatives:

  • Department Chair or Assistant Chair
  • Director of Undergraduate Studies

Student Representatives:

  • 2 EXSS-General majors
  • 1 EXSS-AT major
  • 1 EXSS-FP major
  • 2 EXSS-SA majors

Eligibility criteria to serve as an EXSS Student Advisory Council member:

  • Junior or Senior academic status

Expectations of EXSS Student Advisory Council:

  • Advocate for the needs/concerns of EXSS students
  • Identify ways to improve the EXSS student experience
  • Actively promote EXSS activities and news with others
  • Communicate information regarding student initiatives related to EXSS
  • Report on relevant programs and events in order to raise EXSS awareness of these initiatives
  • Relay non-confidential information discussed during Council meetings back to interested students on campus
  • Provide feedback on EXSS programs, events, resources and services
  • Attend all Council meetings during the academic year (3-4 meetings)
  • Serve as a reviewer for EXSS teaching awards
  • Advocate on the importance of completing teaching evaluations to EXSS students
  • Complete an annual reflective evaluation regarding your experience as a Council member

Key guidelines for EXSS Student Advisory Council members:

  • Maintain confidentiality, unless otherwise notified by the faculty representatives, of all conversations at council meetings.
  • Excessive (more than 2 absences) from regularly scheduled Council meetings are grounds for dismissal from the Council.
  • Council membership is effect for one academic year but is renewable provided that the Council member’s original term of service was deemed exemplary.