Meet our 2014 EXSS Impact Scholars

Each year the University highlights the research efforts of our undergraduate students at the Celebration of Undergraduate Research #unccur14

We are proud to have seven of our finest students represent the Department of Exercise and Sport Science at this great event.  Each of these students has completed an impactful research project under the direction of a faculty mentor.  Many of these individuals did this research as part of a senior honors thesis.  The junior students who presented their research are already in the process of planning out their senior honors thesis for next academic year.

Thanks to all of our undergraduate students that were able to represent EXSS at today’s great event.  You make us proud!

Meet this year’s group of EXSS Impact Scholars:

Danielle Enrique: Influence of Taping on Lower Extremity Biomechanics of Those with Limited Ankle Dorsiflexion (top left corner)

Sarah Wilkey: Functional knee bracing and ankle mechanics of adolescent athletes post-ACL reconstruction (top right corner)

Elizabeth Sherling: Women’s Rugby and NCAA Status (middle left)

Evan Zeldin: Jewish-American Newspaper’s Reaction to American Participation in 1936 Olympics

Katherine Dyer: Effects of A One-Time Core Stability Intervention on Anterior Pelvic Tilt During a Dynamic Overhead Squat (middle right)

Andrew Romaine: Parent Socialization of Safety Concerns in Youth Football (bottom left)

Timmons Williams: Estrogen Effects on Skeletal-Cardiac Biomarkers of Muscle Damage After Prolonged Aerobic Exercise in Eumenorrheic Women (bottom right)

2014 EXSS Impact Scholars