Make 2014 a year to remember!

Welcome back to all of our faculty and students of EXSS!  I hope that everyone had a wonderful holidays and that your new year is off to a fantastic start.  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone roaming the hallways of Fetzer and Woollen as classes resume and we begin the spring semester.

This past year has been whirlwind, but lots of great things have occurred.  Our department has completed our strategic planning process and we are all excited about make strides to achieve our goal of increasing the impact of our department.  An overview of the key points outlined in our strategic plan can be seen by clicking here.  I’d like to thank all of our faculty for their feedback and efforts in helping to develop our strategic plan.  In particular, I’d like to thank those who served on the strategic planning committee: Claudio Battaglini, Troy Blackburn, Bonnie Marks, Sherry Salyer, and Erianne Weight.  Each of these individuals committed a significant amount of time and energy in developing our strategic plan.  I am excited about working with all of our faculty and students in 2014 as we begin implementing our objectives and priorities to achieve our goal of increasing the impact of EXSS!

One of our goals is to better communicate all of the ways our faculty and students make an impact.  To achieve this goal we will be making better use of social media outlets, such as twitter, facebook, youtube, etc.  We really want to grow the number of followers we have in each of these different areas, so please be sure to follow us on twitter, like us on facebook, and subscribe to our youtube channel.  The links to each of these sites is listed below.

EXSS Twitter Feed

EXSS Facebook Page

EXSS YouTube Channel

As we work on generating content for all of our different social media site, we would welcome any feedback about what type of stories and information you want to hear more about.  At this time we plan on providing updates on the latest research being conducted by EXSS faculty and students and how this work is directly impacting society.  We will also provide updates from our alumni and see what sorts of things they are doing now and how their EXSS degree helped get them to where they are.  Don’t hesitate to offer up any suggestions you may have for additional content / information.

In closing, I hope you all have a great start to 2014 and the spring semester.  Let’s make 2014 a year to remember and spread the word about #EXSSimpact!