Another Great Year at EXSS

ImageIt is with great enthusiasm that I welcome our students back to campus.  The summer was busy, but very productive, and we are ready to keep the momentum going as we start the 2013-14 academic year.  Click here to see a summary of our faculty and student’s accomplishment during the summer months.

For the past eight years Dr. Kevin Guskiewicz led our department.  His leadership, combined with our faculty and staffs efforts, has resulted in exponential growth in all areas. We now have over 600 undergraduate students who are majors in one of the department’s areas of study (Athletic Training, Exercise & Sport Science, Fitness Professional, Sport Administration).  We have grown to be the 5th largest department in the College of Arts and Sciences and 3rd largest in Natural Sciences & Mathematics.  In addition, we have over 70 graduate students between the masters (Athletic Training, Exercise Physiology, Sport Administration) and doctoral (Human Movement Science Curriculum) programs.  Our students represent the best and brightest, and through the combined efforts of our faculty, staff and students we strive to meet the department’s mission “to discover, create and promote knowledge of human movement to improve the quality of life of individuals and society.”

Exercise and Sport Science is an applied science that examines how to enhance human movement, and promote safe exercise and organized sport for improving quality of life.  Given the applied nature of our work, we are able to directly translate our findings from the research laboratory to the classroom and real world settings.  The scholarship of our faculty is both novel and impactful and is spread across a diverse group of research areas.  I invite you to learn more about our faculty’s areas of study by visiting our Faculty & Staff and Research & Laboratorieslinks on the departmental website.

            Over the next few months, we will be going through a strategic planning process to identify how we can continue to grow and develop as a department.   The development and execution of the strategic plan is a team process where all faculty and staff contribute.  Through this process we are defining a shared set of visions, priorities, and goals.  I look forward to sharing our strategy for how we will continue to lead the way forward in solving today’s most important challenges.  To stay up to date with departmental news, please be sure to regularly check our website, “Like” us on Facebook (, or follow us on Twitter (@UNCEXSS).  You may also follow different @UNCEXSS faculty or programs on Twitter for other updates.